Posted on July 16th, 2021

EUP Wood Shavings – Tenant Highlight

This week we want to shine the spotlight on Eastern Upper Peninsula Wood Shavings, located in Kincheloe.

After a devastating fire destroyed their shop in December of 2018, they have rebuilt and will soon be at full production of their nationally recognized products.

Production begins in the Eastern Upper Peninsula starting with the logs which are harvested locally using a mixture of spruce and balsam. Processing and packaging are all completed at the plant in Kincheloe where there is no propane or natural gas involved in the drying process. The end result is organic, super absorbent, premium bedding.

The naturally dried shavings are highly recommended by horse owners/trainers and chicken farmers across the country. Organic bedding is great for animals with respiratory issues or skin sensitivities and EUP Wood Shavings is proud to share that its products do not contain any harsh chemicals.

You can find their products locally at Pickford Feed Service, U.P. Feeds or contact EUP Wood Shavings directly.

(906) 240-1215

Follow them on Facebook or find their contact information on their Website.…

Posted on August 22nd, 2016

7 things every business startup must know

handshake-business-2jpg-00edd7a38909f9ffFrom Bridge Magazine By Mike Wilkinson

So you’ve got this great business idea, one that will liberate you from your current job or offer a lifeline after losing one.

With Michigan hurt by a marked decline in the number of new businesses created in the last decade, you think your idea is a sure-fire winner. Your husband thinks it’s a great idea, too, as does your Aunt Irene. Can’t fail, right?

Hold on a minute.

Business leaders contacted by Bridge Magazine for our recent article on the dearth of entrepreneurs in Michigan say they see new business owners make the same, critical mistakes that, with some work, can be avoided.

Here are their tips on what steps to take ‒ and avoid ‒ to help your business succeed.

Stage 1: Planning your business


Before you quit your job and buy that commercial sewing machine, experts are unified on the need for a sound, well-thought-out business plan.

Banks require them, as does any lender. A business plan outlines how your product or service will sell, the costs involved, the marketing required. It is a blueprint for success, and a great way to identify gaps or weaknesses in …

Posted on August 15th, 2016

Michigan and the death of entrepreneurship

20884096-mmmain (Bridge photo by Mike Wilkinson)
Article by Mike Wilkinson | Bridge Magazine – MLive.com

In a tiny brick building on the west side of Jackson, Jeff Drushal is living his dream, stepping out onto a ledge that is both frightening and exhilarating.

Married and with a daughter, Drushal, 34, just left a steady job as a supervisor in a machine shop and surrounded himself with decades-old – but still working – metal cutters, lathes and welding guns. He is betting on his own skills and business acumen to make the transition from employee to employer.

In five years, he hopes to generate enough work that he’ll be able to hire and train a dozen workers at his metal fabrication shop in this struggling manufacturing city of about 33,000.

To say he has doubters is an understatement.

“Half of them think I’m crazy,” he said of his peers. “And half the people think I’m going to answer only to myself – and sit at home and watch TV all day.” He chuckles. He won’t be watching much TV.

Michigan needs a lot more people like Jeff Drushals. Instead, Bridge found, the state has too many business owners who have either closed …

Posted on January 12th, 2016

YouLaunch entrepreneurial learning


(Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario) – January 12, 2016:  Entrepreneurial spirit was in full force at St. Francis French Immersion Catholic School last week, where YouLaunch kicked off 2016 with the first Market Your Thoughts workshop in Sault Ste. Marie. Forty grade 7-8 students learned what it means to be an entrepreneur and how great ideas can come to life.  Students were asked to illustrate what an entrepreneur looks like and were left with the challenge to create a business plan for an idea that would make Sault Ste. Marie a better place. St. Francis French Immersion teacher Micaela Mansfield provided feedback on her students’ participation in the YouLaunch workshop; “My students were highly engaged and enthusiastic all day – the energy level in the room was amazing! They learned that anyone can be an entrepreneur; what will drive them is their passion, ideas and creativity. The room was buzzing the next day as students continued talking about their business ideas and excitement for getting started. I look forward to watching them innovate and imagine over the next couple of weeks as they work on their plans and multimedia presentations for their own business.”

Market Your Thoughts is a regional competition

Posted on December 14th, 2015

Alpine Power Plant on schedule

AlpineFrom The Petoskey News:
ELMIRA — Elmira has been an interesting place to be over the past few weeks to say the least.

More specifically, the railroad tracks running through town, across M-32, have been a captivating area bustling with activity as several enormous pieces of equipment have arrived by train. This equipment was later transported to the Alpine Power Plant as the Wolverine Power Cooperative-owned project continues to advance toward completion.

“Everything is on schedule and we are excited with how (the project) has advanced,” said Ken Bradstreet, government affairs consultant for Wolverine Power Cooperative. “It’s been very good to see everything come together like it has.”

One of two generators to be used at the plant arrived Dec. 1 by rail and was stored on the tracks near the Railside Bar and Grill until it was relocated to the power plant Dec. 4.

The 300-ton, 18,000-volt General Electric generator was shipped by train from Schenectady, N.Y., located approximately 170 miles north of New York City. After arriving in Elmira, it was transported by a self-propelled trailer to its new home.

Both generators will connect to two General Electric natural gas-firing turbines, which were expected to arrive from Greenville, …

Posted on November 10th, 2015


EssarSAULT STE. MARIE November 9, 2015 – Essar Steel Algoma Inc. announced today

that it has sought protection under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA)

before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in order to strengthen its financial health

and solidify its long-term business prospects. The Company has initiated a

corresponding filing in the United States under Chapter 15 to recognize and give effect

to the Canadian filing. The Company fully expects to continue normal operations

during its restructuring.

“We have taken aggressive measures that succeeded in curtailing costs and

significantly enhancing productivity, ranking Essar Steel Algoma among the top

quartile for low cost producers in North America.” said Kalyan Ghosh, president and

chief executive officer of Essar Steel Algoma. “Despite these efforts we have been

forced to take action today to ensure the continued success of our business given the

record low steel markets, a barrage of imports, and the untimely and wrongful

termination of our long-term iron ore supply contract. I want to assure our customers,

vendors and employees that we fully expect this restructuring not to disrupt daily

operations,” said Ghosh.

Ghosh further added, “This process will provide the company with the time and

stability to restructure …

Posted on October 13th, 2015

UPWARD Business Plan Competition

The UPWARD Business Plan Competition is to encourage entrepreneurs to explore new ideas, and create and begin new businesses

The competition is open to all residents in the Upper Peninsula, Marinette and Florence Counties. Competition winners will receive startup seed capital, as well as mentoring services and media exposure.

This region wide contest is an opportunity to compete for cash and in-kind prizes, but it’s also a chance to get constructive feedback on your business plan and to help move it from a virtual business to a reality.

Why Enter?
• Judges, mentors and other resources will help you gain the basic skills necessary to create a business plan. You’ll also have many networking opportunities with mentors and potential angel investors, government resources and other advisors.
• The MI-SBTDC is tailored to and targeted at entrepreneurs with limited independent business experience. Judges look for important factors such as innovation, relevant expertise, competitive advantage and market opportunity.


Individuals, teams or companies that:
• Are an Upper Peninsula, Marinette or Florence Counties resident 18 years old or older
• Are an Upper Peninsula, Marinette or Florence County based firm and/or plan to locate a business in the Upper Peninsula, Marinette

Posted on August 25th, 2015

2015 UPWard Initiative Business Plan Competition

The 4th Annual UPWard Initiative Business Plan Competition has been designed to encourage entrepreneurs to explore new ideas and start new businesses in the Upper Peninsula.

The competition is open to all residents in the Upper Peninsula, Marinette and Florence Counties. Competition winner will receive cash prize, as well as mentoring services and media exposure. New and existing businesses are encouraged to participate.

This region wide contest is an opportunity to compete for cash and in-kind prizes, but it’s also a chance to get constructive feedback on your business plan and to help move it from a virtual business to a reality.

Contest will run from August 1, 2015 to November 30, 2015.

For complete guidelines click here…

Posted on June 29th, 2015

Peters Cosponsors Legislation for Small Business


Bipartisan Bill Would Eliminate Outdated Paperwork for Michigan Small Businesses

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 29, 2015 Allison Green 202-834-2281 Zade Alsawah 313-505-4810 Media@peters.senate.gov

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI), a member of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, today cosponsored bipartisan legislation that would reduce burdensome paperwork and cut red tape for small businesses.  The Microloan Act of 2015 eliminates three outdated provisions in the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Microloan Program that have been unchanged since the program’s establishment in 1991 and only create unnecessary paperwork for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

“Small businesses and startups are the engines of economic growth in Michigan, and it is critical that the SBA’s Microloan Program is up to date and streamlined to help small businesses compete and succeed,” said Senator Peters. “I’m glad to cosponsor this commonsense, bipartisan legislation that eliminates unnecessary bureaucratic red tape for small businesses and allows them to focus more on innovating and serving consumers.”

“There are many organizations like Northern Initiatives who for over twenty years, have partnered with the Small Business Administration in building the microlending program,” said Dennis West, President, Northern Initiatives. “The bill that Senator Peters is cosponsoring will give Northern …

Posted on June 24th, 2015

Grant Program for Agriculture Industry

A grant opportunity designed to encourage growth in Michigan’s food and agriculture industry was announced today by Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Director Jamie Clover Adams.

“This is a great chance for our food and agriculture businesses to find innovative ways to expand and grow.  Food and agriculture in Michigan is a $101 billion industry. This is one avenue to help spur job creation, support local communities and drive new economic development,” said Clover Adams.

Applicants for grant funds will be asked to describe how the project potentially impacts and produces measurable outcomes for the food and agriculture industry and/or the public rather than a single organization, institution, or individual.

This initiative has been developed to focus on removing existing barriers and leveraging opportunities identified by food processors, agri-business, and those in agricultural production as critical to business development and growth. Priority will be given to projects that identify a scope of work that includes one or more of the following as it relates to the food and agriculture industry:

1. Talent/Workforce Development (i.e. training activities)
2. Infrastructure/Logistics (i.e. broadband access)
3. Feasibility Studies (i.e. enhancing value added capacity)

All application materials including the program overview and fillable …

Development Partners

Chippewa County EDC

5019 Airport Drive, Kincheloe, MI 49788


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