5019 W Airport Drive
Kincheloe, MI 49788
Phone: 906-495-5631
Email: admin@chippewacountyedc.com

Superior Fabrication – Tenant Highlight

For over 40 years, Superior Fabrication has called Kincheloe home. We are pleased to highlight this company and know that you will find their work to be no small feet.

“Established in 1979 on the former Kincheloe Air Force base, Superior Fabrication Company, LLC is located in the scenic eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Superior Fabrication Company, LLC began primarily as a defense fabrication contractor and has since expanded into many diversified markets. With a very seasoned workforce of longstanding employees and journeymen, we have expanded into creating our own product designs for the material handling market. We have a full-time dedicated engineering team to support your needs.

The combination of our dedicated engineers, talented workforce, and exceptional customer service support grant us the ability to exceed all of our customers’ needs. We combine superior craftsmanship and demand the best in ourselves.

With a 150,000 square foot facility under our roof, we have the advantage of providing full-service fabrications, by starting with raw materials and finishing with fully painted equipment.” – Superior Fabrication (Like them on Facebook.)

Superior Fabrication is located at 17499 South Dolan Kincheloe, MI 49788 and can be reached by calling (800) 236-0064 –