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Portland Business Leaders Fly Restored DC3

Portland business leaders fly restored DC3 to Normandy, France for 75th Anniversary of D Day

PORTLAND, OR – On Friday morning, May 24, a group of Portland area business leaders will fly to Normandy, France, to join the celebration commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D Day, honoring the brave soldiers of that historic battle. 11 adventurous passengers and crew will make this trip in a restored DC3. And, to make this special trip even more interesting, they will follow a flight path of the actual troop carrier flights en route to D Day. On the morning of May 24, 2019, 8 passengers and 3 crew members (mechanics) depart from the Aurora Airport in a restored 1937 DC 3, owned by Pete Nickerson, on a trip commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D Day. For this memorable flight, 6 of the passengers are pilots, and 5 are also military Veterans.

The flight departs from Aurora, Oregon (about 24 miles south of Portland) early in the morning and will have stops in Montana, North Dakota, Michigan, New York, Maine, and Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Scotland before landing in Duxford, England on May 31. The plane will cruise at 5,000 feet, traveling at roughly 155 miles per hour

On June 5, this DC 3 will participate in a squadron formation representing up to 50 airplanes (C47s and DC3s), as part of are enactment of the troop carrier flights before D Day. They will land in the port city of Caen, the largest city in the Normandy region of France. The C47s will feature paratroopers. This is the only flight departing from Oregon for this historic occasion. For more information visit www.remembernormandy2019.com


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