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Passenger totals at Chippewa County International Airport 8% greater than 2016

Over 44,000 passengers flew to and from Chippewa County International Airport in 2017, which is 3,242 more than 2016.  Passengers from both the US and Canada continue to utilize CIU for their travel needs. In November 2017, CIU added a flight to Minneapolis St. Paul which will provide passengers with many additional flight options, while continuing daily service to Detroit Metro.  “Flying into two major hubs will allow passengers to choose the flight times and travel schedule which best accommodates their travel needs, and will also provide the ability to compare ticket prices”, stated Airport Manager Tami Beseau.  “So far the Minneapolis route has been well received by passengers and the 7:30 a.m. daily departure is  much better than the 5:00 a.m. departure that we have had in years past”, stated Beseau. If the 2017 numbers are any indication Chippewa County International will continue to experience passenger growth in 2018, which for CIU passengers may mean more flights, better pricing or perhaps even larger aircraft.  For information regarding flight schedules, visit: Airciu.com and for tickets and pricing Delta.com. 

Recent Community Benefits Assessment by the Michigan Department of Transportation showed that the Chippewa County International Airport activities and air/industrial park tenants totaled 257
jobs and more than 11 million dollars in direct income to residents in the county. Sales to suppliers and the “ripple effects” of income re-spending bring the total impact to more than 33 million dollars.

The Chippewa County EDC manages the Chippewa County International Airport, the Chippewa County Air/Industrial Park, and a two and a half mile railroad. The company has also operated a winter automobile testing facility at Kincheloe for 30 years.