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Kincheloe, MI 49788
Phone: 906-495-5631
Email: admin@chippewacountyedc.com

New Information Regarding Chippewa County Air CIU Travelers

Chippewa Travelers –
“We are pleased to announce that CIU will be installing an xray baggage screening unit! This unit will eliminate the process of ALL bags being physically inspected by TSA agents.
The increase in airline passengers in 2019 has warranted this upgrade. It’s because of you, the passengers that support local air travel, that we are able to gain air travel amenities that in the past were only available to larger airports. Thank you for your continued support of CIU!
On a side note, passenger air travel is beginning to increase as vaccines are available to all, and the public is familiar and comfortable with safety measures required to fly. Travel deals are out there so if you are considering a “get away”, please check us out.
As always we appreciate you “flying from nearby”, and supporting your local airport.”
– Airport Management, Chippewa County International Airport – CIU
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