Organization Continues to Lead Efforts to Position Michigan as

Premier Commercial Aerospace Destination, Highlights Four Priorities for 2021

Sterling Heights, Michigan, DATE – The Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association will announce the findings of its site-selection process for a new command and control center in January 2021.


The announcement is the third and final in a year-long selection process that identified Oscoda in February as the horizontal space launch site and Marquette in July as the vertical space launch site in Michigan. Nearly a dozen sites throughout the state have been considered for the command and control center. Collectively known as the Michigan Launch Initiative, these three sites will bring an estimated 40,000 new jobs while solidifying Michigan’s place as a premier commercial aerospace destination.


Site selection is based on many factors, including existing commercial and public infrastructure, geographic and terrestrial mapping, living standards and workforce development. The selection process has been led by spaceport consultants BRPH and Kimley-Horn. As development on all sites commences, MAMA will conduct extensive environmental studies and work with consultants to address community concerns.

“MAMA is honored to continue to lead space initiatives for the benefit of our state,” said Executive Director Gavin Brown. “There’s no doubt that Michigan can – and will – be one of the leaders in the commercial and U.S. governmental space industry. We have the human talent, the manufacturing prowess, the critical infrastructure and the technical expertise to position our state as a leader in this dynamic field.”


The U.S. Airforce recently announced its top contenders for the U.S. Command Space Center, which will ultimately house the permanent headquarters of outer space operations for the U.S. military. The city of Sterling Heights and Macomb County had placed a proposal forward, but ultimately were not selected.


“We want to commend the efforts of Sterling Heights and Macomb County to attract the U.S. Command Space Center,” Brown said. “Even though Michigan is not moving forward in this process, there are many exciting things happening in our state. We look forward to partnering with companies, municipalities and organizations that share our passion for space – and our dedication to Michigan.”


Brown noted one of MAMA’s aerospace sectors, s

pace, will concentrate on these priorities in 2021:

  • The Michigan Launch Initiative, which is working to obtain licensing approvals for the Oscoda horizontal-launch site and the Marquette vertical-launch site, which could see operations begin as early as late 2023 or early 2024. With an emphasis on the environment, MLI will utilize new “green” propellant technology to fuel the rockets into orbit. MLI will also focus on the selection and development of a command-and-control center and the futher development of a space ecosystem in Michigan to support the launch sites.
  • The development and promotion of a 5G connectivity integrated mesh, or CIM, network through low-earth space satellites, which will offer solutions to industries such as autonomous vehicles, health care and education.
  • Space orbital debris removal, which will extend MAMA’s commitment to the environment by removing space debris. Not only will this reduce space orbital trash and negate the Kessler Syndrome in low-earth and middle-earth orbits, it will also remove highly toxic metals from the earth’s ecosystem.
  • Space situational awareness, which involves using space sensory technology for managing earth ecosystem issues.


“The year ahead is rich in opportunity for Michigan to take critical steps forward to develop a space-based ecosystem,” Brown said. “We see growing demand for low-earth orbiting satellites and know that Michigan is uniquely positioned to meet this demand both domestically and globally.”


Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association is a member-supported organization that serves the interests of Michigan’s aerospace and defense manufacturing firms with a single unified voice, promoting the state of Michigan’s aerospace and defense manufacturing community within the global industry.