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Delta Global Services at CIU Receives 2017 “Station of the Year”

“Delta Global Services” (DAL Global Services-DAL) a Delta Airline aviation services company at Chippewa County International Airport (CIU) was recently awarded 2017 “Station of the Year”. Over seventy (70) North Central Region DAL teams were vying for this honor. The criteria for this award is based on a daily score card of goals, which are expected to be accomplished for each flight. These goals include, but are not limited to; passenger ticketing & check-in, passenger assistance, baggage handling, aircraft de-icing, fuel requests, monitor air/ground communications, and to log all “on time” events related to aircraft departure readiness. The Chippewa County EDC would like to congratulate the DAL team for this award and the outstanding service it has provided for over 44,000 CIU passengers in 2017.
The Chippewa County EDC manages the Chippewa County International Airport, the Chippewa County Air/Industrial Park, and a two and a half mile railroad. The company also operates a winter automobile testing facility in Kincheloe.